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Why we want your feedback


South Africa is a beautiful country – filled with friendly people that you don’t find in most other places. If you step into an elevator, most people will look up and smile. Accidentally bump into someone? An ‘I’m sorry’ is the usual reaction.


While this is fantastic in everyday life, for people offering services to clients, sometimes it isn’t. Take us for example. At The Nail Spa, we strive to keep our customers as happy as is humanly possible. We created our business with that in mind, we hire our incredible staff with that in mind, and we maintain our business with it in mind too. 


And what is the best way for us to ensure that we are meeting your every expectation? Honest, unbiased, customer feedback. Basically, we want to hear it from you – the good, the bad and the ugly. Now we do not ever WANT to have negative reviews, but when we do happen to get them, we value them. Why? Because it is just another way for us to continually improve on what we give our clients. It is a way to make sure that we hit our high targets of customer satisfaction. It lets us breathe easy knowing you walk in and out of our doors happy.


The problem seems to come in with our society of politeness. We have found that a lot of our customers are just too nice to leave a complaint or even suggestion for a better experience. 


What we want you to know is that we truly want to hear your thoughts and opinions. Where we can improve in your eyes. For us, this is not rudeness, rather the opposite. You will be helping us better ourselves.


We are sure that you have noticed the customer feedback forms at our counter for people to fill in. Please, fill them out. Let us know. Whether you sign your name or not, we will treasure the fact that you have helped us become a better Nail Spa!